Live events and Festivals

Photo credit: Daisy Honeybunn & The Dapper SnapperJudgeday is able to facilitate all levels of infrastructure support – from achieving event licenses, liaising with emergency services, land owners or venues right through to ensuring that the requisite levels of artist and client hospitality are delivered.

They are renowned for being thorough yet friendly and approachable.

Judgeday’s expertise and its track record of working alongside artists, management and businesses within the music industry is second to none.

Core Team

Judgeday provides an experienced core team who understand that constant and careful communication with all the involved parties, producers and suppliers is critical to ensure smooth delivery of all elements on schedule.

They work easily within the range of publicity resources that may attach to any typical large-scale project. Most importantly, they recognise and accommodate the needs of the artists too – ensuring that the experience is as rewarding for them as it is for the audience. This is one of Judgeday’s greatest skills.


Levels of Support

Photo credit: Nigel MilkJudgeday’s level of support is truly comprehensive. They may be employed on a consultancy level covering all stages of the pre-planning process, or as the production management resource once event coordination becomes the primary issue.

Any lapse in this area can cause budgets to escalate and Judgeday’s commitment to managing this responsibility is, for many clients, a key driver. In fact, Judgeday positions budgetary control as a pre-eminent factor in its planning and has considered carefully every potential pitfall.

Judgeday has the capacity to facilitate all aspects of the following:

Core Logistics and Management: Procurement and Management, such as:
Project design and scope Fencing and barriers
Local authority liaison Roadway and signage
Licensing Toilets
Budgeting Security and medical services
Site planning Site clearance
Health and safety Marquees
Transportation Seating
  Production and box offices
Technical Production: Dressing rooms
Backline Media Interaction:
Crew provision and management Facilitating the live links with
AV requirements TV, radio or mobile recording units


Photo credit: CornburyJudgeday can look after hospitality, VIPs, and guest lists, and are experienced in compiling bespoke hospitality packages to suit any event. The company prides itself on attention to detail and even oversees the design, production and distribution of passes, laminates or wristbands.

Audience Experience

Judgeday also manages and integrates the complete audience experience. This includes booking talent (including the hire of theatre and performance artists), site décor and the whole raft of food, drink and games vendors that contribute to the ultimate success of the event.

Case Studies

House Festival (SOHO Group) & The Cornbury Music Festival

Photo credit: Daisy Honeybunn & The Dapper SnapperJudgeday provide a full event production service. Incorporating everything from the initial licensing applications - liaising with local councils and site planning and design through to sourcing core-crew and using years of experience in this field to book the best of suppliers covering all services – power, water, fencing, plant hire etc. Judgeday knows the importance of conducting regular meetings to ensure everything is thought of and considered in advance.

Judgeday is responsible for the complete production of the annual Cornbury Festival in Oxfordshire and works with the SOHO Group to produce the House Festival in central London.

When the event date approaches Judgeday take responsibility for everything - scheduling deliveries and services, hire schedules, day-to-day plans and liaising with crew chiefs and site managers constantly to ensure smooth running throughout.

After the show Judgeday continue the meticulous service, debriefing and ensuring to further improve the event, the service provided, the suppliers used and most importantly improving the festival year in year out for the general public.

WOMAD – Technical Production
Abu Dhabi, Caceres, UK and Las Palmas

Technical production within a music festival consists of the stages, sound equipment, lighting, backline and the management of crew members in each section. Constant communication with artists, bookers, event organisers, suppliers and all personnel is fundamental.

The highly celebrated international WOMAD Festival employs Judgeday to coordinate the technical production at their events in Abu Dhabi, Caceres, UK and Las Palmas, De Gran Canaria.

Photo credit: York TillyerInitially Judgeday will make contact with the performing acts, obtaining their technical riders; approaching artists, tour managers and touring engineers.  Technical riders include stage size and design, PA specifications, lighting plots, backline requirements, patch lists and all other relevant information.

Then utilising decades of connections and experience Judgeday are able to source the relevant equipment and personnel creating a bespoke package for each event/arena/stage.

On the occasion when exact specifications cannot be provided, Judgeday is responsible for liaising between artist and supplier to ensure an appropriate alternative is available and that it is importantly acceptable to the artist. Judgeday continue to provide a thorough service as the average WOMAD Festival see over 70 acts, across 4 days, on 5/6 stages.

Moreover, WOMAD Festivals pose a particular challenge technically as, due to the nature of the acts, they are not normally a standard 4 or 5 piece band set-up; many use very diverse instruments, not to mention the occasional language barrier.

Judgeday then builds comprehensive stage packs documenting the pre-production. Therefore when on site the majority of pre-production work will already be in place, Judgeday are then there to ensure all goes as planned during the build, show days and of course the load out. All the while dealing with the inevitable solving of problems that arise.

In addition, within the UK, noise restrictions are of great importance to event planners/promoters and licence holders. Judgeday understands that this cannot be overlooked and assembles a team of professional noise monitors. This team will work under Judgeday constantly monitoring levels off-site during the show days. Constant communication ensures that the level restrictions set in the licence are maintained. This is growing ever more important as many licences are subject to strict noise management.

Photo credit: York Tillyer