Tour Management. Over the years Judgeday has developed close working relationships with companies and individuals across the world

Photo credit: WOMAD Abu DhabiJudgeday has acquired the rather bizarre reputation of being one of the industry’s best-kept secrets with regards to its levels of tour management expertise.

It is simply the case that the business, over the course of many years, has facilitated all aspects of some of the most technically definitive tours for a number of the world’s most ambitious, innovative and demanding artists.

Judgeday is often an essential component in the pre-planning stages of a tour and can be instrumental in guaranteeing that set design and coordination is considered and effective – particularly with regards to optimal integration within budgetary decision-making.

The company is also well versed in the arcane details of contractual negotiations with international promoters. Issues such as tour sponsorship are also seamlessly brought into the mix.


Production Scope

Photo credit: York TillyerIn that critical period up to opening night, Judgeday takes over responsibility for production rehearsals, arranging sound and backline infrastructure, and all of the necessary marriages of light, film and video contribution… not to forget other significant details: wages and per-diems; catering; wardrobe and make- up; problem solving the visas or the increasingly complex insurance aspects of the final product.

Even then, there’s taking it all on the road – the accommodation and transportation of the crew, the artists and the equipment and all of the trucking, charters, buses, limos and air, road and rail links that occur behind the scenes and make the concert appear effortless on the night.

Merchandise must also be incorporated, VIP packages to be looked after, passes, laminates, hospitality and the guest list to all arrive in the right place at the right time. Judgeday makes it happen, for every artist, every single time.

Global Expertise

Photo credit: Nigel MilkJudgeday is proud of both the reputation it has earned and the global nature of its expertise, attributes which are invaluable when it comes to managing or implementing relationships worldwide or looking after the financial responsibilities that these projects impose.

Years of touring have provided Judgeday with a database of worldwide resources that render tour routing, itineraries and parallel links into festivals a natural part of the process.

With regards to the financial aspects of touring, Judgeday has proven experience of aiding their artists in the maximisation of opportunities regarding tax issues – more specifically dealing with the complicated area of artist withholding tax.

Recent Case Studies

Peter Gabriel's "New Blood" Tour 2010 - 2011

With Judgeday responsible for the overall management, this critically acclaimed show went across the world accompanied with a 50 plus piece orchestra and a breathtaking AV display. The tour went to Europe, The United States and parts of South America and gained outstanding reviews as again Peter Gabriel re-invents himself as both a recording artist and live performer.

Photo credit: York TillyerDave T and Judgeday have in fact worked on all of Peter’s tours since 1984 and it almost goes without saying that Peter Gabriel tours have the reputation for continuing to be amongst the most complex and imaginative live experience implemented by any major act working today.


Judgeday has also worked on tours such as Robert Plant, Van Morrison, Prince, Wham, All Saints, the Thompson Twins, Mike Oldfield and Echobelly.

In addition, Judgeday holds a firm commitment to ethical and environmental issues and is especially proud to have been part of the Human Rights Now and Amnesty International World Tours; working with artists such as Sting, Tracey Chapman, Bruce Springsteen and Youssou N’Dour.

Photo credit: Nigel Milk