Judgeday is fully up to date in event safety, licensing and compliance and we work with our clients to assist them in navigating the process.


We understand licensing requirements, and can manage the entire process.  We’ll liaise with the local authority, emergency services, building control and health authority to create robust procedures.

We have a great deal of experience working with local authorities throughout the UK, and understand the complexities of each region’s varying interpretation of Safety Advisory Groups (SAGs).

We are incredibly proud of the excellent relationships that we maintain with all the local authorities that we work with – regardless of where they are based.

Event Safety

Our Event Safety Plans pull together all the necessary elements including:

  • Traffic
  • Noise
  • Environmental
  • Security
  • Event Safety
  • Emergency

We have a team of highly experience and qualified event safety personnel in-house, who compile comprehensive event safety plans. As well as support by experts in specific areas. For instance structural inspectors to sign off stages and structures; Food Safety Advisors for catering outlets; and qualified specialists to review and approve fairgrounds and arenas.


Our compliance procedures incorporate extensive checks on contractors and traders to ensure their safety and procedures are up to it – and we rigorously check all paperwork, risk assessments, method statements and public liability, insurance policies etc.

When on site, we will ensure all contractors, and visitors during the build and break are aware of site safety procedures and other works activities. As standard, we include CDM compliance within our planning and procedures.

You can be assured that all elements of your event have undergone thorough and stringent checks, and signed off – therefore ensuring the event is as safe as it is reasonably practicable to be! Our safety record in exemplary.

Talk to us about how we can help with your event safety, licensing and compliance concerns.