We are passionate about sustainability, and producing events that minimise our environmental impact. Greener event solutions are constantly evolving. We work hard to ensure that we’re up to date with all the latest developments.

We work closely with our clients to implement measures to reduce carbon emissions, waste and travel miles to and from the event.

Our sustainability initiatives include:

  • At Greenbelt Festival, supported by our power contractor, we have designed the site in a way that works best for reducing the size of generators.
  • We have trialled different energy systems such as solar and hybrid generators, to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Energy use is monitored and analysed in order for us to fine tune the site layout and how power is provided.
  • Working closely with our waste contractor and the client to promote recycling systems, and ensure that waste taken away is disposed of correctly. For instance, at Greenbelt, all of our food waste is taken to in-vessel compost plants rather than to landfill or waste to energy systems.
  • We look at packaging and materials with our traders and contractors, and how they impact the waste streams on site.
  • Our site materials are re-used as much as possible, to reduce waste.
  • We ensure we only use the best waste contractors who share their passion for a better environment.
  • Single use plastic is a hot topic, and we work with various providers in the industry to look at the most environmentally friendly methods for bars. This includes re-usable cup schemes and recycled plastic materials.
  • At Cornbury Festival, we have worked with Frank Water for the past 12 years to provide drinking water and encourage refills.
  • Along with our clients, we look at initiatives to reduce travel miles. This includes promoting public transport systems, car shares and alternative travel to festivals.
  • We actively work with our venues to understand the environmental and ecological impact from the events we produce. Where possible we use local suppliers and encourage community projects.

We have extensively researched how we can reduce energy and waste, whilst promoting change in audience perceptions towards our fragile planet.


Energy Revolution

In 2019 we signed up to Energy Revolution and now offset all our travel miles throughout the year. We also pledged monetary support to the Festival Vision:2025 crowd funding campaign which driving the industry towards a greener future and recently launched the latest edition of the Show Must Go On Report.