Tour Management & Artist Support

The planning, logistical management and artist support behind global touring is at our core. With over 30 years of experience, working with brilliantly talented and theatrically spectacular shows, we have the expertise and knowledge for worldwide tours, no matter the size.

Our knowledge means we can consult with managers and labels who are looking to set up emerging artists on showcases and promotional tours, as well as work directly with established artists to streamline and manage their busy tour schedules.

We specialise in tour routing, venue selection, contractual negotiation and financial budgeting, including the complicated area of foreign withholding taxes to ensure revenue is maximised, and costs are realistic.

Once the tour has been booked, we then take care of:

  • pre-plannin
  • technical and set design
  • rehearsals
  • technical production
  • advancing venues
  • crew selection
  • travel logistics and scheduling
  • freight
  • carnet
  • visa and local ground connections.

We can also ensure other income streams, from merchandise to VIP hospitality packages.